Pretzel Buns

Published on: 07/11/2022

This buns are inspired by Anna Olson’s Mustard Pretzel Loaf, but I’ve veganized them and turned them into buns because buns are perfect for burgers, and it’s burger season!

They’re easy to make, and you’ll feel like a bread making pro when they’re done and you’ve wow all your dinner guests.

Usually I measure my ingredients by weight, but this recipe is by volume, and the work out every time. You can also double this recipe and it also turns out.




3 1/2 cups AP flour

1 1/2 cups warm water, luke warm from the tap is fine

1/4 cup unsalted vegan butter, room temp, cut into little pieces

2 Tbsp vegetable oil or neutral olive oil

2 Tbsp grainy mustard

1 Tbsp sugar

2 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast

2 tsp fine seat salt

3/4 cup baking soda

1/4 cup unsweetened soy milk, for brushing

Coarse sea salt, like Maldons



  1. Measure the flour, water, butter, oil, mustard, sugar and yeast into a bowl. Mix by hand until everything is incorporated, and no dry flour is visible. The butter should be well combined into the ingredients. Let sit, uncovered, for 15 minutes.

  2. Turn the dough ball onto a lightly floured surface and sprinkle the sea salt on top. Knead by hand until the dough forms a smooth, elastic ball.

  3. Place the dough in an ungreased bowl and cover with a damp towel. Let rise for about an hour or until doubled in size.

  4. Turn the dough onto a lightly floured surface. To create equal sized buns divide the dough into equal sized portions using a bench scraper. I like to weigh the whole dough amount using my food scale and then divide it by 10 or 12 (depending on how many buns I want), to get the weight of each bun amount.

  5. Once I’ve measured and cut all my buns, I shape and roll them into buns. Cover with a damp towel and let rest for another 20 minutes or so.

  6. In the meantime, fill a large pot 2/3 full with water and bring to a boil.

  7. Preheat your oven to 400F.

  8. Once the water is boiling add the baking soda. It’s going to boil and might boil over, but that’s ok. Drop one bun into the boiling water at a time and cook for 30 seconds, flip and another 30 seconds on the other side. Remove with a slotted spoon, letting excess water drain off, and place on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet.

  9. Repeat with the remaining buns, you can cook up to 4 at a time.

  10. Brush the buns with a little soy milk and sprinkle with the coarse sea salt.

  11. Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until nicely browned, and the bottom sounds hollow when tapped.

  12. Enjoy as is with some more mustard, or slice in half and use as burger buns!

If you make these buns, be sure to take a picture and share it on your social media and tag me! I’d love to see your creations.


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